Why Choose Us

why choose us , catering service
  1. At Saifoods, we discover every client’s requirements and execute them with full delight in the presentation.

  2. Our diverse team is from a food industry background and expertise in culinary handling.

  3. A management team with a proven track record and extensive experience in the food industry.

  4. We conduct food festivals based on various themes to make the customers get away from their monotonous work schedule and make use of the opportunity for fun & frolic.
Why choose us for your catering needs?
  • We are associated with the food safety certifying company “parikshan” & our materials are procured from a certified supplier as per FSSAI regulations.

  • We follow QHSE standards at food preparation, service & Dishwashing areas.

  • We maintain food samples of every food served a day for 72 hours.

  • Our partnership includes a freelancing dietician & food safety consultant.

  • Random food & water samples periodically tested in the lab. 

  • We conduct a client satisfaction survey to understand the expectations of the client.
    The survey is conducted once in every quarter.