Safety Measures


ISO 9001 Certification – Saifoods certify for ISO 9001-2015 for providing catering services by TNV UK Ltd

food safety, hygiene, QHSE certified

Saifoods catering service follows the 5 pillars of food safety.

    • We follow  QHSE standards at Food preparation, Service & Dish-washing areas
    • Random food & water sample are periodically tested in lab.
    • We maintain food samples of every food served a day for 72 hours
    • We conduct training programs for a minimum of 6 hours a month on safety measures & safe food handling and ensure our qualified staffs follows our standards consciously.
    • Our staffs are well trained, educated and disciplined. They follow the laid down procedure terms and conditions specified by the company
We maintain Food safety in

Hygiene, Preparation, Safety, Sanity, and  Training